We at SHETHINK Pvt. Ltd. are looking for experienced candidates as web developers.
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Role and Responsibilities:

  • The candidate must be keenly expert in JavaScript (ES6), React JS (Functional React- React with Hooks).
  • Must be well aware of the JS concepts like promises, async-await, callback, fetch, and array methods like map, filter, reduce.
  • We are highly fetching for the candidates that are good with conditional rendering, and very much clear regarding the concepts of useEffect hook.
  • Knowledge of GIT is a must.
  • Knowledge and experience in any state management library such as redux or context is a plus.
  • Must be familiar with JS libraries like Axios, and UI libraries like material-ui, core-ui, formik, etc.
  • Must have a proper understanding of CSS properties like margin, padding, flex, position, z-index, media queries, and other important concepts like media queries, DOM manipulation.
  • Must be aware of using dev tools provided in the browsers such inspect elements and network tab to track API calls.
  • Basic API calling through postman or similar tools.
  • Candidate worked on projects dealing with manipulation of dates, form validations, etc. are preferred.

Experience Required:

  • The candidate must at least has a total experience of  1-3 years in the relevant field.
  • The candidate must have basic knowledge regarding data structure and algorithm.
  • We require people with keen logistics skills.
  • The candidate must be strong with basics and their concepts must be clear enough to deal with all sorts of delusions.


  • The job-role of a React.js developer is open only for candidates residing in Indore or are willing to relocate to Indore.

We are highly fetching for immediate joiners or candidates that may join the company within 15 days. 

About the company:

  • SheThink Pvt. Ltd. is an IT-based outsourcing company dealing in providing expertise in e-commerce and government-based projects.
  • We provide expert services in developing web and application services.
  • We help vendors for getting projects in a single domain.
  • We are the guide to help vendors in determining their core capabilities and transform those abilities to reach new heights of success and growth.
  • We are the best in providing services to help the clients in piping their projects by providing a one-stop solution to all hiring problems.
  • We have a selective module to ease the hiring process of clients and vendors.
  • We have recently started a recruitment consultancy service, where we help the clients in hiring permanent candidates.
  • We are also providing great assistance to the clients to hire candidates on a contractual basis.


Interested candidates can share their CV at, call/WhatsApp at 8109517047 or apply through the form.