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According to many garners, buying a good gaming laptop is an easy task. But buying the best laptop that increases your gaming experience can be difficult, especially if you have a high budget. You need to do some research and understand all the options before making a decision.

The 2,000$ gaming laptops are the best products on the market because there is enough budget to buy the best lightweight and heavy-duty gaming laptops. There are many models in the market, so buying a perfect laptop is a bit difficult.

Here, we will list 5 best gaming laptops under $2000 that come with high-end processors, high ram, fast SSD, and quality display. Due to a wide variety of gaming laptops, we will also write a proper shopping guide. This guide will help you while buying the laptop.

Some excellent models mount the Nvidia 16 series, the previous series compared to the RTX-20s; these can be found at an advantageous price and can run almost all games with good detail and good performance. Obviously, in addition to the series, it also depends on the video card template. So while buying the gaming laptop, we must consider the graphic card brand and memory.

Nvidia MAX-Q Design

Nvidia, in collaboration with leading laptop manufacturers, has created the Max-Q standard. This standard aims to improve the efficiency of video cards, reduce consumption, and increase battery life on laptops.

Max-Q systems are thinner, lighter, and quieter than your regular gaming laptop, but in return, we’ll have to sacrifice some power. However, the performance decline is not so severe that you cannot play certain games. In contrast, Max-Q systems can run most games with the highest settings and produce excellent frame rates. It all depends on the installed hardware and the game you choose.

Laptop Processor

The heart of gaming laptops is, of course, the processor. As with fixed PCs, we also see new processors that offer faster frequencies and more cores. A more modern processor with a price range provides better performance and portability in your gaming laptop.

In turn, a good processor allows for some key optimizations for both games and overall stability: a powerful CPU can affect everything from frame rate during play to battery performance.

If you want to stream or record while playing games on your gaming notebook, for example, a high-end CPU should be among the features of your PC. Software that records gaming sessions requires decent processing power, especially if you’re looking to stream on Twitch or other channels.

It means that a powerful CPU is essential if you want to maintain good game performance and, at the same time, prepare videos for recording or sharing streaming sessions.

Intel is the most widely used processor in gaming laptops. If you want a decent machine to play, it is better to take i5 processors of eighth-generation or newer. Older models are less performing and less and less suitable for upcoming games.


Video games can take a lot of RAM; nowadays, it is not recommended to buy a laptop or PC with less than 8 GB of RAM. It is the minimum to have a smooth laptop both in gaming and in classic operations browsing with multiple open tables.

The ideal for a gaming laptop is 16 GB. Normally in “cheap” models, there is only 8 GB of RAM, while in mid-range models 16 or 32 G. If your model is 8 GB without despair, you can always increase the RAM of your laptop online and install it without major problems on your system.


Nowadays, SSD memories are the standard in gaming and not. It won’t be long before the old HDDs are put aside altogether. An SSD provides much better performance than an HD, and for this reason, we strongly recommend taking a portable gaming computer with an SSD installed, at least to run the system and possibly your favorite game.

Sometimes we find solutions with a dual storage device, a small 128 GB SSD or 256 GB where we can run our operating system, the most important programs, and a 500 GB hard disk or 1 Tb store the bulk of the files.

The hard disk or SSD can be replaced, so you can always upgrade to a larger or better performing model. In addition to the now-classic HD and SSD, you will find some systems that mount SSD NVMe.

In video games, the graphical aspect is crucial, as we have seen before the most important component is the video card, but a good monitor must flank a good video card for both image quality and performance. A bad monitor can choke the game’s FPS with a refresh rate that doesn’t fit the performance of our gaming laptop.


The minimum resolution preferable for any gaming laptop is 1920 x 1080 pixels. A laptop with a monitor that offers a lower resolution than Full HD is still a nod to the quality of gaming in general. However, smaller resolutions require greater effort on the part of the system and often result in better in-game performance.

Laptops with 4K panels (3840 x 2160) are increasingly popular, due to the greater detail of the images. Systems with these resolutions are usually very expensive because they require a rather powerful graphics card and processor to provide a proper frame rate.


A keyboard like a mouse is key in gaming, even with laptops, where you can plug in a gaming keyboard is the ideal solution. However, it happens that for transport or space reasons, it is not possible to connect a real keyboard to our system, and therefore, we need to make sure that we have adequate support for our gaming sessions.


The key to gaming laptops is that the battery is short-lasting. The more the notebook has a big screen, the more energy it consumes and the less durable the battery, especially in-game. Although you always try to create video cards that consume less, at the same time, you try to create more powerful video cards.

Laptops to play are still medium or high-performance systems that tend to consume a lot.


Gaming laptops are designed to play video games. Usually, this type of laptop is equipped with a more powerful video card to spin games with a better graphical level. To choose a gaming laptop, you first need to figure out which games you want to use, what performance you need, and your budget.

If you are still confused and looking for the best option on the list, then our recommendation is MSI P65 Creator gaming laptop. It comes with a 4k wide-angle display that provides great performance while gaming and the Intel core i7-9750h processor is also its important highlight. But if your budget is below 1500$ then must check ASUS ROG Zephyrus S because it comes with a beautiful slim design with a powerful processor.

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